Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Reads

I'm starting something new here. 

Every Monday, I'm going to try to list a few of the interesting things I've found on the Internet to read. It's a way for me to go through my boomarked recipes to remind myself to cook them. Perhaps you'll beat me to it? Let me know if you do. Otherwise, it's things that have come across my Google Reader or were passed along to me by others. 

Have a great week!


  • Melinda from One Green Generation lists 20 Uses for Baking Soda. The rest of her blog has lots of useful tips for how to live a bit greener, a bit simpler, and save some money, too.
  • Is that antique silver tableware sitting in a drawer somewhere under a special polish cloth never getting used? This lovely little post might get you rethinking about how you think about your silverware. Antique is the new green.
  • Travel head pillow. Be prepared to laugh.
Recipes I'm drooling over & hope to make soon:

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