About me

A bit of US-American, a bit of South West, a bit of New York, a little bit DC, a bit of Mediterranean, a bit of Southern France, a bit of Austrian and a bit of Asian - that's where I've lived and how I cook. 

It all started when I was 3 months old. My parents took me and the family dog to the airport and flew across the country and the Atlantic to Southern France. Isn't that what all new parents do? Anyways, I have been doomed to suffer from wanderlust ever since. I stopped counting at 13 the number of times I've moved.

I like to think travel increases not only a person's ability to deal with waiting in line, but also increasing their openness to try new things, whether food or a new way of thinking. So I've let the food from the places I've been seep into my cooking and I've let traveling seep into who I am.

Until my wanderlust rears its head again and I find myself selling everything I own to buy a plane ticket, I'm living in Vienna, Austria - think Mozart, Danube & the singing Von Trapp family, not kangaroos and the beach - with my boyfriend, whose family actually lives in the Austrian Alps and had never heard of the Von Trapps until I came along. I came here to study and stayed for the strudel. Just kidding, really, well, maybe not. The strudel can be pretty damn good.

So what do I do as a warm-weather loving, cheese-loving, cookbook-and-recipe-addicted, (mostly) big-city vegetarian girl, with a hankering for organic, pretty vegetables and spicy salsa,  in a country that has a love affair with all things sausage, an avoidance for all things spicy and has really cold winters? I cook and thank the gods for the wonderful cheeses and wines in Austria.

This blog is my attempt to weed through my several shelves of cookbooks, the massive binder of printouts and the many downloaded recipes on my computer.  Eating food is about companionship and friendship. This is my way of sharing what's on my plate with my friends and family, which are scattered about the world.


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